Was buying a kindle Worth it?

Last month, as a graduation gift to myself, I bought a kindle. You have to celebrate the little moments in life right?

Some part of me questioned whether or not that was a big mistake. I could have purchased something else. I kept on thinking:

  • the device only cost $140 CAD, but I did get warranty on it in case something happens and bought a case. In the end spent $200 CAD. For some people that might not be a big deal, for me it is.
  • what if I end up not reading like I thought I would have. That would obviously defeat the whole purpose right?
  • books are expensive. How can I afford buying books?

Well a month later, I can say that I love my kindle and it was worth it. I’ve been reading so much more because of it.

I remembered why I fell in love with reading. I remembered why I loved having a kindle.

I was 14 years old when I got a 3rd generation kindle as a christmas present and I loved it.

It actually stopped working after a few months, and my grandmother actually gave me hers because she had purchased one for herself at the same time. So I used that kindle every single day. It was not touch screen like every single thing is lately, and had a keyboard and buttons on the side to turn the pages. There was not a light, which means I could only read during the day, with a light on, or holding a little flash light to it to read when I put my light off. I brought my kindle to school every single day and read at lunch time or had the free time.

Getting my kindle brought back all those feelings. It lays next to me on my bed, with my teddy Sparkle, keeping me company and always giving me an excuse to not read. It was interesting having to get used to the touch screen and user interface like every new product you get, but you get used to it. And sometimes I have problems highlighting what I find interesting, but I think its just something that I need to used to. Overall I don’t regret purchasing it.

One of the reasons I was scared to get a kindle was because the cost would have add up buying books. Obviously it would have been nice if I could have used my library system, but it doesn’t work in Canada. Do not hold me to that but I think the Kobo [another e-reader] allows you to borrow books from Canadian libraries. But I’ve come to realize that I do not get through 5 books a week. Usually one, sometimes two if I am lucky, But never five. So I do not need that many books. And it turns out getting books are not that expensive as long as you are willing to compromise popular books and authors for lesser known ones.

  • there are books that cost $0.00 on the kindle store. you just have to look for them
  • with your prime membership you are able to borrow books without paying
  • there are always books on sale. I have gotten a few for $3.99, $4.99, $5.99
  • there is kindleunlimited. It costs about $10 and you have unlimited access to books. I just got it so I can’t really talk much about it.

Sometimes I pay the full price for a book because I really want it. But I try not to do it all the time because the cost adds up.

Basically I love kindle and it was worth it. I do not regret it and the best graduation gift that I could have gotten for myself.

If you have one or have had one or interested in getting one, let me know. I’d like to hear.


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4 thoughts on “Was buying a kindle Worth it?

  1. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I’ve had one for about seven years now, and am considering getting the new one with the backlight once this one dies (but I don’t foresee that happening yet).

    My plus point is that I can easily buy books that they don’t carry here in Malaysia, and it’s been so handy carrying this thing around instead of the few books I tend to bring on my travels. Thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it.

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    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this.

      Wowwww. I’m impressed its last that long, but I’m also not surprised. Unlike other devices its not something that you need to replace frequently and even if you do, its design is the same. If I find my old one at my grandparents and try to turn it on, there’s a good chance it would

      I did not think of that. For those who might not have the easiest access to books, it helps you get what you want when you want it.


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