Subscriptions Can Get Expensive

So today I gave in and signed up for Disney Plus.

Yes I was one of those who did not have it. And no I did not do it because of the hype.

My friend and I want to watch the Marvel Universe movies and it would be easier if we both had Disney plus since they are all available on there. He lives in the US, I live in Canada and our Netflix varies, and it does not have all the movies.

So you might be wondering, why did I even make a big deal about this. It launched at the end of last year and I am late to it.

Simple, the cost adds up the more you subscriptions you have. I am broke and pay for my own accounts. There’s nothing wrong with sharing accounts but I don’t have that option. This means I cannot afford every subscription service out there and I’m very cautious about what I pay for. But at least I have the peace of mind knowing what I pay for and how much:

  • Netflix: $15 CAD
  • Spotify: $5 CAD
  • Apple Storage: $1.50 CAD
  • Bank Charges: $15 CAD [as a student I didn’t pay that charge but now that I have graduated, I will start]
  • Grandparents bill: $100 CAD [I recently took over my grandparents telecom; internet, cable and landline and that shits expensive]

I do not regret signing up for it. Obviously it sucks having to deal with another bill but thats okay. I can live with it and live without it.

I will admit that looking through all the tv shows is definitely bringing back the feelings and memories of being a child, watching Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montanna, Suite Life, Kim Possible, Proud Family, Recess. I think you get the point by now.


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