Struggling Emotionally with Everything Going On

Lately I have been struggling. And given everything thats been going on, its understandable. I am not complaining, but I am still struggling emotionally. I am trying to play my part to flatten the curve, but I also have depression and its not exactly getting better.

Everything that I was looking forward to this year, is no longer happening. I was supposed to have my last week of undergrad, starting tomorrow, enjoying all the feels, and thats no longer a thing. No final exams. Forget about graduation thats over. And with everything going on, I don’t know if I will get a job. I don’t know if and when I can go back to my grandparents if borders are closed.

I feel so alone right now. I spend my days sleeping or catching up with tv shows. And honestly, that get boring really quick. And I think my sanity is starting to become questionable right now.

Last Sunday I ended up cutting my hair. Don’t worry only about an inch of it. Although it is a shorter, it looks so much better and healthier right now.

I bought a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle off Indigo which still has not been delivered. And a crochet set and yarn, telling myself I will learn how to do so.

I am trying to keep my mind occupied, but its not working.

I know I should not be complaining when people are dying, or have lost jobs or are on the front line. But I have emotions too.


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