A Rant About the Banana- Battle

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So I was just reading an article for an essay thats due tomorrow. And yes I know I am a procrastinator. So boohoo. Thats not the point of this post. Its that it fucking pissed me off and I need to rant now. And because I won’t be able to say what I want to say in that essay, its best that I do it at 1am on my blog.

So I had to read an article that’s pro-WTO and pro-trade. Hopefully you know what the purpose of the WTO (World Trade Organization) is and if you don’t, google should be your best friend.

I’m not the type of person who gets upset quickly, but the moment that Caribbean was mentioned in this article, along with Chiquita and the EU, everything went downhill from them.

Being from the Caribbean and being a St.Lucian, this is part of my history. So the way that this opinion was put out there, I was about to lose my shit.

The author had their opinion and now I have mine.

After the WTO brought the EU to court over the bananas, lots of St.Lucian farmers lost their livelihoods. So for someone to think that it did nothing, sorry to break it to you, it did. St.Lucia’s economy was based on exporting bananas to the EU. So when you take that out, hmmm people have nothing, you dumbass. It crushed the fucking banana industry. And at that time, tourism wasn’t the main economic activity in St.Lucia.

Caribbean islands are always hit by hurricanes if not every most atlantic seasons.

Once again, not only Ecuadorians depended on bananas. St.Lucians depended on bananas as well. And last time I checked, Ecuador was larger than St.Lucia.

Once again, their decision to change the rules, fucked St.Lucian livelihoods over.

And here’s the thing. All of this might seem like fairer trade and competition. But the truth is its not. When you have larger countries being able to produce at a much cheaper rate, than a smaller country, there is no fair competition.

The point of all of this is that the US can be a very greedy country most times. Sorry not sorry.

Before some idiot comes at me, first off this is my blog, so MY options. Second do some research. It wasn’t only St.Lucia that was affected, there were many other Caribbean islands. And yes these islands received preferential treatment because they were colonies of the British. There was a long history between the EU and the Caribbean.

Also sorry to anyone from Ecuador. That was the name mentioned in the article so had to mention it as well.

I only talked about a tiny bit of the article, but if you are interested, I will link it here.


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