How I feel about Covid-19

I never would have guessed that’s how this year would turn out. A few days ago I was excited to start my last month of school and was struggling whether or not I wanted to participate in a conference. I was just living my life as I would because I didn’t think that covid-19 would have had such an impact as it would. Its affecting our personal lives, social lives and the business world.

Its like every other article online is about the virus. The tweets about running out of toilet paper, stores running out of items, the constant updates from school. Not gonna lie, its starting to make me feel overwhelmed. As much as I might want to joke about the GTA schools playing a game of chicken or asking students to sing row row row your boat while washing your hands, this entire situation is making me sad.

Like I said, it’s my last month of school. Well it was, because they suspended in person classes. To believe this was the first time that I actually my school term, my classes, my professors, my schedule, I had friends.

I know this is selfish to think of, what about graduation. My sitting to take my grad photos was actually cancelled today. This was the first time that I was looking forward to graduating.

I’m more scared for my grandparents. Because they are old. They are sick. And St.Lucia just recorded its first case from a UK visitor. Not even a national.

I’m scared because the way things are going right now, it might lead to a recession. And for a new graduate like me, it is going to be even more difficult to get a job in the market.

I’m not scared of the virus itself, but of what its going to impact and what this means for the future and as a gen-z


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