Weekly Recap: Lots of Big Things Happened

This week was an interesting one. I was sick throughout the week. It was most likely a sinus infection because my face hurt and I was stuffy, and I had a toothache. No I don’t have a cavity because I just saw my dentist 2 months ago and the pain went from one side of my mouth to the other. Being at school when you’re sick is no fun.

The week started off with a bug scaring the living shit out of me on my bed on Sunday. And yes you read that right. Basically I was on my bed when all of a sudden I turn and see this bug walking next to me on my bed. No I don’t know what type it was, it was just black and I was not imaging things. I’m used to that in the Caribbean, but did not expect it in Canada. And I am not afraid of them or overreacting, I just don’t want them walking on me.

Since I was tangled in my huge blanket, I jumped off to try to kill it. But since the bug was black and my blanket was black, that would involve me having to shake it. And I wasn’t going to do that in my room. But since it was 2:30 am, and didn’t want to wake everyone else up, I decided to leave the blanket on the floor and sleep without one.

PS. Never found the bug and hopefully it does not come back.

Then on Monday afternoon, I got an email from a professor inviting me for an interview for a summer research position at my school. Initially I applied for two different ones, but only heard back from one project. Thought that professor wasn’t interested until he emailed me. My thought is that he does things late. Not only did he give me one day notice, the interview was not confirmed till the morning, while I was on my way to school. He was just insistent on having at 4pm, when I had a class, even when I told him I was only available between 2:30PM and 4PM. I told him Sorry, I can’t make it at that time. Is there any other day and time that works for you? Then he told Ok, come by at 3pm today. I am at the Dept of economics building, room number.

NO WAY I was going to miss my class for a last minute interview, when in the back of my mind he did not want me. The interview was short, it went okay and I will not know until this coming week whether or not I got the position. Obviously, I would love the opportunity, but its not my choice and I don’t know how many people he interviewed. If I don’t get this opportunity, it is okay because everything happens for a reason.

Wednesday I took part in my school undergrad research fair. It was such scary experience for me because I am not a people person. I don’t like speaking nor am I charming. It was me stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I don’t regret taking part in the whole experience because I needed it. I talked about it more here, if you want to read about my experience in more detail

Wednesday night, I had an essay due. Now because I needed to finish the assigned readings for the essay, I couldn’t start it until Wednesday night when I got home from school. You read that right. I basically started and finished an essay in 4/5 hours. For majors that include writing, that is no big deal for you. But for someone like me, who struggles with writing, it was not easy. And I struggled and submitted the most shitty essay in the world on Wednesday night. Thankfully my professor is allowing those who submitted on time to resubmit, if they wish to do so.

The last big thing that happened this week, was that I got accepted to present my paper/project at another undergraduate research conference in another province. Wooohoooo. But I don’t know yet whether or not I will actually be going. Its obviously a really good experience and opportunity, but there is so many things going through my mind. I want to go because who knows how many applications there were and 3 day conference to show off my work. But finances are a thing; paying for flights, booking accommodations, food, transportation. Plus I have an essay due that weekend and I take my graduation photos when I come back. I really want to go, but I don’t know what to do. I’m torn. My grandmother is offering to pay for it for me, and my mom is encouraging me to go [as long as she doesn’t have to spend money].

Like I said, its a big thing but I don’t know. I think I am going to have to get my professor’s opinion because I need to add an economic model to make the project better.

Anyway, thats how my week went.

Anyone ready for the clock to change back?


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