February 2020 Memories

Another month has come and gone and now we are in March. I can’t believe I only have one full month left of university till I graduate. I swear I was in my first year just the other day.

Anyway lets talk about February.

It was an interesting and busy month. It felt like I was running from one place to the other. I had assignments and midterms, which ps. it didn’t go well. It made me cry and I got little sleep, but I guess that’s a part of being a student. Fridays are my day off from school. I could be sleeping and being a lazy piece of shit, but I volunteer at organization. As much as I could complain about being tired and lazy, I love going there.

Like I just mentioned, it is my last few weeks of school and I still have nothing lined up for after. To be honest, I haven’t really applied to anything much. I did apply to 3 internships, got no answer from one of them and rejected from 2. I did make it to the interview round of a research position, but like I said I didn’t get it. Part of me is okay with that just because I am the type of person who believes everything happens for the reason. I am trying to believe that the universe and god has a plan for me, even though I may not have one. And I have been really scared to talk about that but my mom has a friend at a bank who is trying to help me get a job, but a part of me doesn’t want to take something that I end up hating. I know I need the experience and the money, but I don’t know if its worth it to sacrifice my happiness. My postgrad plans are just very confusing right now.

I went on a date. It was nice, he was nice and there was good food. But we have barely spoken after that. If there is one thing that I am terrible at and oblivious with its dating and guys. So its fine, I am fine. You don’t always click with everyone and thats okay.

This year I want to get back into reading and I am very proud of myself that I read a book – My Favourite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren. It was really good. I get the hype with this author and that is why I am almost done with The Unhoneymooners by her. They are just really cute and funny. Completely worth my time and money.

The amount of tv shows I watched this month was ridiculous. And because I am one of those weirdos who tracks what she watched I can tell you. I watched a total of 111 episodes/56 hours. Might be more than others or less than others, but that’s a lot of time. Lately I have been obsessed with 2 Broke Girls. If you have never watched it, I recommend it. And I started watching Party of Five a few days ago. Why haven’t I heard anyone talk about it before? Other than that its been Below Deck, Greys Anatomy, Good Trouble, A Million Little Things, Legacies, The Bold Type. Saying all of that makes me realize I have no life.

I got into podcasts lately. I’ve always tried to get into them but just couldn’t till I started listening to the Bellow Deck recap from Watch What Crappens. And I have been really loving Just The Tip: The Tinder District Podcast. Its just 2 girls maybe a guest, talking about their sex and dating lives and its amazing. Also Girls Gotta Eat is another amazing one. If you listen to podcasts and have recommendations let me know.

Also should I be sad that there was not that much snow is February? I live in Canada, so you would think there would be a lot of snow. But I also live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where there isn’t that much snow compared to up north.

Anyway that was my recap for February.

In case you want to catch up, this is what I posted throughout the month:


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