Weekly Recap: A Busy 2 Weeks

A lot of things has happened over the last two weeks and the perfect time to talk about it all is on 29th of February. The one day that happens ever four years.

Last week was supposed to be my break from school and unfortunately it ended up not being a break. Unlike other people, I used that time to study, was always at school and unfortunately didn’t sleep in. And let me just say, I like sleeping and being in pyjamas, like I am while writing this. And here’s the thing. I don’t regret being busy because I was doing things that I enjoyed and interacted with other people. I met up with someone to study, I had to attend a fair, I went on a date and I went to volunteer.

This week ended up being a busy one for me AGAIN. I thought that after those midterms were over I could at least get a break. I was wrong because I had a poster due on Wednesday night and because I had not started working on it, that took several hours to put together into something that I was proud of. Then I had almost 50 pages of reading to the next day for my class. And like I mentioned in my last post, I had to rush to the doctor on Friday night.

Last weekend, I was struggling. I doubted myself and my abilities. I think the pressure of having exams on the same day sucks. I can’t just read a book, memorize the concepts and answer the questions. Since they were both finance exams, its application based. I must remember formulas and theory and use that to answer problems.

I’m just glad that i am over with it though I am NOT looking forward to seeing the marks in a week.


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