The Missing Starbucks Order

Right now I should be studying but guess what I don’t want to, so I will write a post about what happened to me this morning, because its pretty funny but sad.

I had a workshop to attend at my school and it was at 10am. See, I am a commuter, so the idea of just getting out of bed and taking a stroll to school isn’t something for me. Instead, I get to commute at least an hour and it involved 2 buses and the subway. Since I knew it was early, and I hate being late (because there is nothing more awkward than walking into a classroom full of people), I figured I would just get breakfast on the way, AKA Starbucks. Its next to my connection so why not.

Since Starbucks is next to my second bus, I mobile ordered a few things on the way. I thought it would just be easier to pick it up rather than having to wait and miss my bus. So I pick up a venti (large coffee), a croissant and a cheese box because I also didn’t want to buy food at the school.

As I am walking to Starbucks, I notice 2 individuals walking out of there with a large coffee and a fruit and cheese box in their hands. I thought it was interesting that they were walking out with a similar order to mine.

When I got to Starbucks, only my croissant was there waiting for me, and I stood by for the rest of the order, keeping in mind that I had a bus to get in a few minutes. Remember I didn’t want to be late. The store wasn’t busy, so I waited and waited. And the barrister saw me there, and placed a grande (medium) drink in front of me, thinking that it was my mobile order. It wasn’t.

Since the store wasn’t busy and other customers who ordered after me were getting their drinks, she asked me what I was waiting for. I told her.

Her response was “that’s weird. But I will get it for you”

Once again she asked she asked, said she would make my coffee and I could get a cheese box from the front.

Remember when I said it was interesting that there were two people walking outside of starbucks with a similar order to mine, well there is a good chance that they may have taken my order. And I don’t think it was by accident because it was very specific and I doubt their name is Aaliah, who orders a extra hot venti mocha, with lactose free milk and no whip cream. Also they seem to have forgotten to take the croissant, though there was a guy standing near the counter looking at it, so who knows they might have been a pack.

On one hand I find this situation really funny, but on the other hand I want to question people’s decision. Please reassure me that I do not have to lose my faith in humanity for stealing people’s starbucks orders. Or maybe its just something that I had to experience once in my life for mobile ordering Starbucks. Honestly, I don’t know.

I’m just grateful that the barrister offered to remake me a coffee and told me I could take a cheese box. Because I spent a lot of money there, and that just wouldn’t be fair to me. I have my receipt so I can prove that is what I purchased. Also, I am not the type of customer or who likes to blame people.

PS. I ended up being late and be the one who awkwardly walking at the front of the room while the presenter is speaking, so yayyy.


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