Me + Writing = Send Help!!!

If you are one of those people that are good at writing for academic purposes, I envy you. I really really do. Can you please send some tips for those of us who suck? If not send me positive vibes because its needed.

I have no shame in admitting that I am not the best writer. Maybe it might seem like I am an okay one by my blog or my journals – thats what my friends who have read it have said. But the truth is whenever whenever i have to write something for school, I have problems getting my thoughts out there. Every single times it happens. I have all my papers, notes, even an outline, but I can’t get the words out. And even when I do, it doesn’t sound right or something that I am okay with putting out there.

The worst part about it is that I am one of those students who does their work last minute. Well essays last minute. I will look for every thing to do, other than trying to start. And don’t even talk about word counts or page limits. I swear, I can never reach it. Without complaining, swearing, food. RIP to all my friends who have to deal with me complaining because I don’t know how they do it. Some people can write an 800-word paper in 2/3 hours. My friend did that. It takes me a full day. I am not kidding.

I have my share of starting things last minute. I remember in my first year when I had a 2-page paper due the next day and started like 1 or 2 am. Actually that happened a few times. Wow I am not a role model of a student if you think about it. But here’s the thing. I always submit on time, no matter. If I think about, I have NEVER asked for an extension before. And that’s with me submitting my big research project 10 mins before it was due [that one was an exception though. it was hell]

You know how they say “practice makes perfect”? The only way you will get better at something is if you practice. Well that was why my dumb self decided it would have been a good idea to take an economic writing course [plus it helped that there was no exam]. And no surprise there, but I think I am starting to regret that decision. Other than the fact that there are at least 30 pages of dense reading to do a week, we have 5 writing assignments for the term. And I just submitted the second a few hours ago. On my break I may add. How will I get through the next three? Thats a real question. Because I am struggling. Remember I am a terrible writer.

Please pray for me.

Also on a different tangent. If you are a college student, PLEASE DO NOT USE the services of writing companies. It goes against academic integrity. If you don’t know what that is, google has amazing answers. Simply, its about being an honest and trustworthy student, and not cheating your way through school.

The moment I complain about having to write a paper/essay on Twitter, I get flooded with bots trying to sell me their services. They offer to write it for me at a certain price. Honestly, I am just glad I don’t have that many followers because it would have been worse. I am just say that I can’t rant about writing over there anymore.

I know that life gets difficult and things get in the way. And it seems so easy to take the easy way out, but honestly, its not worth it. Your time, your money and your education. Its better to ask for an extension or help than to use those services. At the end of the day, hard work is what leads to success.

These services happen in real life and its more annoying than those bots. My university is filled with those posters and ads offering to write your papers, trying to take advantage of students, particularly those who english is their second language. I don’t know if students actually use it, but my prof made us sign an agree that we would not use those services. I had no problem signing it because I hate those companies. And that’s coming from someone who sucks at writing.

This is way longer than I expected it to be. So if you got to the end of this, let me know if you are good or bad at writing papers.


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4 thoughts on “Me + Writing = Send Help!!!

  1. You’re Golden if you follow the 15 common Grammatical error list, and avoid those errors at all costs. Most profs have horrible grammar which is actually kinda funny and sad. Hopefully you aren’t taking an essay writing course. Otherwise, the prof marking it should be be less of a b****. I can’t speak for all of them though….

    For me, it takes me HOURS to write an essay. I rewrite each paragraph at a time until I’m happy with it. By the time I’m done I have an essay that’s usually free of errors. This process takes a VERY long time so I need to start at the very latest, 3 days before the essay is due. Once I had 24 hours to write a consolidated paper and I did not enjoy that kind of pressure. I might work well under pressure but I don’t like having a deadline nipping at my heals the whole time. Good luck on your paper! You’re probably finished it by now. Time to celebrate now that you finished it! 🤗🥂

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    1. No worries about the typos. We not perfect. We all make mistakes.

      I have never followed those lists. I just go with what feels right. I guess the good thing is that my prof isn’t grading the essay, its a TA. And most of the time they are international students whose first language isn’t english so not their fault.

      You’re smart and know yourself. Starting a few days before is the smartest thing to do and puts less pressure on yourself. I try but a lot of the times I look for every single excuse to not.

      And like you said. Im done, its submitted. Which means 2 down, 3 more to go. Woohoo

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