Weekly Recap: Busy, Overwhelmed and a Stupid Group Project.

I just discovered 2 Broke Girls and have been watching it for the past hour instead of studying. Why couldn’t anyone tell me it was a good tv show a while ago? At least now I have something to stress binge because god knows I need it.

Now about this week, if there is any word to describe it, its “busy”. I just felt like I didn’t have a break and I was just going from one thing to the other, and didn’t any time for myself. And it was also overwhelming, because I am trying to keep up with my school work and have time for myself. I had to cancel my volunteering shift because I wanted to stay home to catch up.

I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Like I mentioned a few days ago, I went to a networking event between my classes on Tuesday. I was supposed to go to another one on Thursday, but decided not to because it was snowing a lot and I had class in the evening.

I have this group project where I am frustrated and don’t know what to do. I wanted to give those individuals the benefit of the doubt but I’m always right. I finally found out how they want to divide the work and its honestly unfair. There are 3 of us in that group who are taking a class where is a midterm on Monday and we have the questions with more effort, but they want it done by Sunday night. I’m honest and straight up, told them that they wouldn’t get it done by Sunday even though they want to do the presentation on Tuesday. A midterm worth 30% or an assignment worth 8%, which one would you choose?

Now studying for the midterm is just the most frustrating thing in the world. I just feel like a complete idiot and don’t understand game theory. I am having trouble changing it from an extensive form to a normal form. And if you’re not an econ student, I am sorry. Just know that I am stressed and fucked because I can’t get it. I am getting frustrated. And trying to look for every little thing to not go study. Thats why I started watching 2 Broke Girls. I’ve gone over all the notes, just need to practice more. And you may be thinking I could just work on the assignment, but it frustrates me thinking about the situation.

On a random side note, I was speaking to my mom earlier and somehow we ended up my great-grandmother. And it ended up getting me in a sad mood. Because I miss her. She died 16 years ago and yes I still remember her. She was the first time I really understood death. And I haven’t thought about her and those memories in years.

Anyway, thats kind of all I had to say for tonight. That is how my week was.


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