Weekly Recap: This Week Was a Good One

The past 2 weeks I have done this little weekly recap and honestly, I like that. So I think I am going to continue doing it and not just ranting about the bad. So here goes…

Not gonna lie, this week was a good one. Compared to the past 2 weeks, I actually got shit done and I am proud of myself for that. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely behind with school and midterms are in a little bit over a week. Yeah, I know. I’m screwed. But everything else went okay.

I finally got my suitcase unpacked AND my things in place and was able to clean my room. So woohoo. Though I need to take that back looking at the pile of clothes, which I recently ordered and tried, sitting in the corner of my room. Unlike the previous week, I didn’t spend that much money and I wasn’t that exhausted. And applied to my school’s research fair. Like I said, it was a good week.

I was late for class one day. Literally walked into my 2:30PM class 15 minutes late. You must be thinking, how could that happen? It was in the afternoon. Honestly, that same question goes through my mind, but I am a commuter student, so sometimes it happens. Missing the first bus, means I miss the second one, then the subway and I’m walking into class late with a Starbucks coffee in my hands. I can’t be the only one who finds it awkward walking into class late.

Also another first for me was me forgetting to bring a printed copy of my assignment. In all my time at uni, thats never happened. And I was early for once. Ughhh, it makes me angry thinking about this. I remember when I reached at school, I had to rush to the library to get it printed. I guess its a first time for everything. Thank god it wasn’t a graded assignment. We were going to do peer review each other’s work, and he allowed those who forgot to bring to the next class. So it worked out in the end.

I know this sounds weird for some people, but my hair was able to last the entire week. I have curly hair, and it tends to only last 4/5 days and the fact that I was able to wear it for the entire week was a blessing. Honestly not having to worry about my hair in the morning is the best thing ever.

I also want to say that, like the past few weeks, I was struggling with mental health. I really wish I could describe the feeling with people, but I was a mood. Not in a mood but an actual mood. I’m just overwhelmed by everything and sad, and everything has just been too much for me to handle.

Anyway that was my week summed up. Probably not that exciting, but oh well.


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: This Week Was a Good One

  1. Unfortunately I know what you mean when you say you were a mood because I experienced one last week too and had to take a sick day from work. I felt so guilty doing that, and the next day everyone kept asking if I’m okay now and feeling better and I really still felt like shit but I had to lie and say I’m okay now because really, nothing was physically wrong with me and who knows how long I’d need to sort out my mental health. Ah gosh. Hope you have a better week this week. P.s. As hard as it is to find the energy to do so, working out makes it better.

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    1. I’m glad that there is someone else who understands what its like to be a mood. At least you’re getting better. Sometimes it sucks to have to say “I’m okay” when truly you aren’t just because you don’t know how to explain how you really feel.


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