My Friday Night

Its 8pm on a Friday night. I am in my pyjamas, a messy bun and in my bed. I can hear the rain outside my window.

I know. I am living the life as a 22 year old.

I realize my life may not be as glamorous as others, but I am okay with that. I came back from the office I volunteer at a while ago, had dinner and a shower, and probably going to catch up with some tv shows and start my assignment in a while.

Every single day, I call my grandmother because it doesn’t feel right going a day without speaking to her. And tonight she told me that something fell onto my grandfather’s foot and its hurting him.

Its not easy to hear those things, because I am in a whole other country feeling useless. I can’t do anything but feel sad. My family is the most important set of people in my life. And hearing that something has happened, it kills me. Every single time.

Unless you have moved far away from your loved ones, you really don’t understand what that feels like. All I can do right now is hope and pray that he gets better.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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