Leaving is the Hardest Part

Today my grandmother told me that every time I tell the doggie I’m leaving (because I am the type of person who speaks to her dog), it makes her sad. And honestly, I didn’t have a response to that.

Because leaving is always the hardest part.

Just to make it less confusing, I came to spend some time with grandparents in the Caribbean. Normally, I live and go to school in Canada, but whenever I have a break I come to the Caribbean to visit my grandparents, because thats where I was born and raised. And because I was only visiting, I’m leaving.

Today is my last day here. Tomorrow, around this time, I will be back in Canada, and back to my normal routine.

Its always exciting going on vacation. And the adjustment is a bit difficult (for me anyway). But jeez, leaving that is the hardest part, no matter how many times I have done it before.

I’m content. I’m not sad to leave or have a bad feeling about leaving compared to last January. But it doesn’t mean that I want to leave. I’ve been comfortable the last few weeks. I think what worries me is that the last time that I left, I had a really bad anxiety attack at the airport. And if I am being honest, every single time I am at that particular airport, I always have a problem. I hate admitting that, but its true.

I’m glad that I was able to spend some time with my family and that I came in the first place.

It’s not goodbyeit’s “I’ll see you later


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

7 thoughts on “Leaving is the Hardest Part

  1. Hey Aristella, maybe you should take the dog with you eheh i’m kidding, when i had a cat i felt the same, even if she was with my parents, everytime i was coming back my parents told me she was sad for my absence… it’s normal… good luck with your studies! cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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