The Past Decade

After looking back on the past year, I thought it was only fair to look back on the past decade. And I know that we are several days in January already, but it doesn’t matter because its my life..

The past decade was a time where I not only became a teenager and went through puberty. I became an adult and had many milestones that I am proud of, though most of it happened after 2014.


In 2014, I graduated secondary school and started A-level a few months later. In 2016, I graduated A-level and started university a few months later. It was all spent at school.

And through all those years at school, I learned that I the business courses the most. At first it was accounting (I know boring right), then economics, which is how I ended up as an econ major. Honestly, as long as it has numbers with business, I’m in.

If you’re wondering what secondary school and a-level, its part of the British education system. Kind of like the US version of high school and community college, but with a big exam at the end.

Losing and Gaining Family:

The past few years I have lost so many people that I call family. My aunt and uncle, the most obvious ones, as well as close family friends that I grew up with. Its never easy losing loved ones, but we all have to go through it. And I also gained family. A lot of my little cousins were born in the past few year. And even though I may not like children, I still find them cuties.

Emotional Health:

When I really think about it, I started being depressed off and on when I was about 14/15 years old, but I did not know at that time. I’m 22 right now which would mean that this was about 7-8 years ago, and that is a long time for a young person.

I started having anxiety in 2016, being around 18/19 years old. At first it was subtle, I would get the tummy aches. Maybe an anxiety attack would happen once in a while. But then in my 3rd year of university after my aunt died, it became worse. I started having anxiety attacks very often and started self harm.

At the beginning of 2019, was the year that I went on medication to help myself get better. Its never going to be a cure, but it is going to help me and has taught me how to deal with my anxiety and depression.

From Straight Hair to Curly:

I remember being obsessed with having straight hair when I was an early teenager. Like as soon as I washed it, I straightened it, and refused to leave my house with natural hair. This ultimately led to me having heat damaged hair.

It wasn’t until the end of 2015 when I realized my hair is no longer curly and is instead damaged. And this meant that I needed to stop straightening it. Its taken about 3 years to get rid of all the damage. I can proudly say today that I no longer hate my hair. I have learned to love it and deal with it. And its what makes me unique.

Becoming Confident:

I went from being called fat and ugly and made to feel stupid, to becoming confident in myself and learning to not give a fuck what people think about me. I have learned what is important and how to let things go.


The best part of the past decade was my doggie, Chocolate. He is more than a dog. He my best friend, and honestly he was the one who saved me. Whenever I am around him, he makes everything better for me.

I realized after writing all of this, it was not as exciting as my 2019 recap but thats okay. I talked about the most important things that have changed me over the past decade. Things that I am proud to share and I actually looking forward to this new year and new decade because I am in control of all my decisions.

Shit is about to get down.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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