Recruitment Season

It never really crossed my mind that recruitment season for new graduate jobs began a whole year in advance. Obviously you can start you search when you actually graduate, but I’ve realized that most people try to start months before so that by the time they graduate they already have a job lined up. And thing is I am not ready for that. I have not accepted that I am graduating next year and neither do I know what I want to do when I enter the workforce.

The school year recently began for me and I am already feeling overwhelmed and terrified. Forget enjoying myself because that’s not going to happen. I’m trying to go to class,  get good grades, juggle extra-curricular activities while making time for myself. Now add looking for a job on top of that list. It might not look like a lot, but it is particularly when you commute.

And looking for a job is not like online shopping, where you just select what you want, input your details and click submit.

There are application deadlines. Some are coming up, some are due today and others have already past. In most cases you need a resume and cover letter, sometimes a transcript for each application. You spend so much time searching up and applying to jobs, that your application package usually does not make it past the Automatic Tracking System (ATS). It just ends up in a pool of never seen documents in a system, never seeing the light of day by a recruiter. So there’s goes your chance of impressing yourself to the firm.

And then you have the hiring sessions, job fairs, networking events. Sounds easy right? You dress up, go to an event, speak to someone, make an impression? Well thing is, not everyone is this charismatic individual that can just charm a recruiter right off the bat. I am shy and have anxiety. How am I supposed to put myself out there to strangers and tell them about myself when crowds are already a trigger and new experiences scare the living shit out of me? The last time I went to an event, I had a anxiety attack in the bathroom before it even started.

Recruiting season is going to be a tough experience for me, but I have to go through it. That is why I want to bring you along because I know I am not the only one who is shy and anxious by the unknown and unfamiliar. That is why I am going to make this into a series. I think it would be interesting, sad, slightly funny and most importantly an experience.

Tomorrow I will be going to a networking/ hiring event for a firm at my school. It will be the very first time I have ever put myself out there like that. Will be a very interesting experience. So if you have any tips, please let me know. Let’s share the knowledge.

Update: Sent an application just after this went live and got a rejection less than an hour later. This experience is going great so far.


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4 thoughts on “Recruitment Season

  1. So I’m assuming you already went to the networking event at your school. I hope that went well! I should start out by saying you should be very proud of where you’re at thus far. When I was in your position the last thing on my mind was having a job in my field lined up before graduation. All I cared about was getting the hell out of there. When I graduated last year, the valedictorian for my class said she applied to countless internships and full-time positions before finally getting offered a job she was truly enthusiastic about. So don’t be discouraged if a job isn’t offered to you. When the time is right the perfect job offer will present itself. Until then keep working hard and putting yourself out there. Good luck with everything!


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