Fall 2019 Courses

I thought it would be interesting to talk about which courses I am taking this term. Its my second to last term before graduating. Ahhhhh it feels so surreal because I am at the end. WOW who would have thought I would make it this far?

So all of my courses this term are economics because that’s is my major and I seem to be wanting to torture myself this term. I have had all these classes so far and have gotten my first impression of the course, professor and classmates.

Financial Economics

  • Mandatory
  • Tuesdays 11:30-2:30
  • Looking forward to it since the prof seems to have a good rating on Rate my Prof. And she’s also a really nice person in real life.
  • Also its supposed to be like the intro to finance for economics majors.
  • Also have her for another course this term.

International Monetary Economics

  • Mandatory
  • Tuesdays 7-10PM
  • Looking forward to the content, not the prof. No offence, I’ve had this guy the past two terms. He’s good, but his exams are difficult. But it was either someone who was worse or him, so I chose him.
  • First day of class, as expected he went off-topic quickly on some random tangent.
  • Wish me luck, especially with having a course with this guy at that time.

International Trade

  • Elective
  • Wednesdays 4-7PM
  • This prof has a good rating on Rate My Prof and it sounds like an interesting course to take.
  • Does not seem to like cellphones in class.
  • He’s also slightly savage and I kind of like it. Very knowledgeable, but savage.

Public Finance I

  • Elective
  • Thursdays 7-10PM
  • Well turns out this is not a finance course like I originally thought. Its more of a “public economics” course but they call it public finance for some confusing reason. But I am still taking it because there is no other class I can take that I have pre-requisites for that I am interested in. And I like economics.
  • Also after the first class, I left way more confused than I entered, so I am not sure how it will over the next few months.
  • Does not seem to like cellphones in class.

Research Seminar in Economics

  • Elective
  • Fridays 11:30-2:30
  • After reading the description for this course, I thought it would be interesting and be the challenge that I need. It is a research and writing course, and that’s something I have never had before in economics, so I took the chance to do it. Plus, since I want to do my masters later on, I think this would be a good experience for me.
  • Also the prof for this class is teaching my “Financial Economics” course, so I have her twice a week.
  • There are no exams, just one big research paper.
  • I am worried about the class participation for this class because of my anxiety.

I only have 4 days of classes this term with Mondays off which is awesome. As a commuter, it can get tiring and expensive going back and forth just for one class. I will admit that I am NOT looking forward to the Thursday night class with a Friday morning but that was the only Public Finance class that could have fit in my schedule. So I will just make it work. I’ll just look like a zombie and survive on Starbucks then go home to sleep afterwards.

I’m curious, what classes are you taking this term if you are going to school? And if not what has been your favorite class when you were at school?


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6 thoughts on “Fall 2019 Courses

  1. You will do amazing in your new classes. When I went to school, I also drove back and forth to class instead of living on campus. I drove an hour to school and an hour to get back home.

    My favorite class was creative fiction writing. Though the teacher picked out favorites when it came to grading in my opinion. Because grading fiction is hard. Of course the teacher will grade what catches their attention best

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    1. The commuting life is tough. The things you do to save a little bit of money.

      That sounds like an interesting class. For people who struggle with writing, it would be a struggle.

      My favourite would so far would either be my greek myths course or Disney Grimm fairytales. If you can’t tell, I like myths and stories

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