August TV Favourites

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Still can’t understand how August went by so quickly. I felt like I did nothing productive except binge watch some tv shows. At least that did not disappoint me.

Vampire Diaries (2009) – Season 7

  • Summary: Vampires and all things supernatural lie in a in a town called Mystic Falls.
  • I finished watching this series in August. It was so sad because I had to say goodbye to all my favourite characters. And there is no more Vampire Diaries. It has been with me for so long. I know I can go back to rewatch it, but its still hard knowing there are no more new episodes.
  • I’m still Team Damon

The Originals (2013) – Season 1, 2

  • Summary: Its a spin-off to the Vampire Diaries, just based on the Original Family, and their adventures.
  • Since Vampire Diaries finished this has been helping me get over the withdrawal. It is not the same, but it has a similar feeling and nostalgia, so it does its job. I like the original family; they are still a bit on the crazy side, but they do love and care for each other.

Legacies (2018) – Season

  • Summary: A spin-off to the Vampire Diaries and the Originals, following the children of the two shows.
  • So I actually started watching this show on the plane randomly, even though I had not finished the Originals. And let me just tell you, it was good. I finished it in 4 days. I think I liked it more than Vampire Diaries and Originals. I know this is shocking, but its just different and kept my attention more.

Grand Hotel (2019) – Season 1

  • Summary: A look at the professional and personal lives of people working at a family-run hotel in Miami Beach
  • This show recently started in June I believe and its something I started watching in August and I try to keep up with it as it airs.
  • If you like drama and Jane the Virgin, you would like this show. There is a bit of mystery going on, but its also cliche. To be honest, I only watch it because its entertaining.

Below Deck Mediterranean  – Season 4

  • Summary: it follows the lives of the crew on a luxory charter yacht in the Mediterranean.
  • This show is still airing and I’m still enjoying the drama that its about. There are funny moments that I enjoy, but its mostly drama.

I ended up watching a total of 100 episodes, which ended up being 75 hours. Compared to last month, thats not a lot.

There also seems to be a supernatural theme to this month, with Diaries, Originals and Legacies. And I have no problem with that.

If there is any show I recommend from this list it would be Legacies. Go watch it .


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4 thoughts on “August TV Favourites

    1. You and me both. How could you not. You have the drama, the funny moments, relationships, vampires and more.

      True the Originals isn’t the same like the Vampire Diaries.Have you tried Legacies? You don’t really need to have watched Originals. Plus some of the characters from Vampire Diaries show up in there.

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