Three Score and Ten

I remember growing up and hearing that if you were to live till 70 years old, you’re lucky. It was called three score and ten, which added up to 70. I believe it’s a Christian thing since it came from the Bible, but I’m not a pro at that so don’t quote me. And in this day and age, where people die so young, you are very fortunate to be able to reach that age.

I am proud to say that today, my grandfather has reached that milestone. Today is his 70th birthday and I am really happy that he is able to celebrate it. Believe it or not, he lived long than his first daughter and first son. He may not be as young as he was, but he is still relatively healthy. He drives, can see, does things for himself. Not everyone can say that

Unfortunately, I am not there to be spending that day with him. I really wish I was, but I am not and that makes me sad. But we have to move on and live our lives. I did bake him a cake before I left and I will be sending him phone credit (he has a prepaid phone). And I will try to call him to wish him a happy birthday. I know these little things, he appreciates them. He may not ask for it, but it is something he remembers. And thats all that matters to me – that he is happy.

A man and a little girl
My grandfather and I

I am lucky to have my grandfather in this world. Not everyone has that. What makes it more special is that, he is my father figure. He is the person that I call “Daddy”. Still do to be honest.

I always tell people, if you have family appreciate those special moments. You don’t want your last memory to be negative because you never know if you can lose them in the split of a second.


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