Caribbean Night Time Routine

Night time with some trees

I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a Caribbean Night Time routine before I left. The way I spend my nights here are completely different to what I do when I am in Canada. But I also want to remember it. So here goes.

6PM-7 PM

This is when I start closing the windows in the house. It helps with preventing  too many mosquitos at night. I also do any last minute things for my grandmother, before it gets dark. It gets dark around 6:30 here, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. While I am doing that, the doggie gets his dinner so by the time I am done, I could take him out for a little walk in front of the house and also so that he can use the bathroom.


I will have my dinner around 7, then watch youtube or Netflix. Its pretty quiet around this time because everyone would have had dinner and we are all relaxing. Plus its nice to spend it with family than being locked away in your room.


I will go make my bed, because I like it freshly made before I end up in at night. Then I go brush my teeth, wash my face and wait for my grandmother to drink her medication. I also make sure that all the doors are locked and windows are locked at well. Also I will also check on the dog. And then I will go into my room for the night because everyone has done the same.


I take my medication for acne and anxiety and change into pajamas. Then I get into bed, scroll through Instagram and after that I write in my journal and draft any blog posts that come to mind during that time.

10:30 and later.

I’ll just end up watching Youtube or Netflix till I am ready to fall asleep. May also answer messages that I did not get to during the day.

And that’s how I spend my nights when I am here. Pretty simple.


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