Fresh Fruit Juice

A lemon tree with tons of lemons

Having a cold glass of fresh fruit juice on a hot day, is a complete godsend. I kid you not. It’s the best thing ever.

Being in the Caribbean, you have so much access to fresh fruit around you. Mostly everyone has some fruit tree around their house, and if they don’t, their neighbour has one. If you don’t live in the city, there is easy access to tons of tropical fruit. And where I live, there are so many fruit trees, particularly mangoes. Its hard for me to admit this, but a lot of it goes to waste. I know we are lucky, but oh well.

Fun fact, I am actually not the biggest fan of eating fruit. Like nope. However, I love fruit juice. There is no way to compare it to something that is premade and comes in a bottle, box or can. I’m also kind of tired of drinking premade stuff as well. Or maybe I am just spoilt. That’s why I am just trying to take advantage of all the fruit juices that we have before I leave.

It can be time consuming and slightly messy, but I love making my own juice. I know whats in it and I can do it the way that I enjoy drinking. I like it filled with fruit, not too sweet and not too watery. And its pretty simple to make. All you need is some fruit, some water and some sugar. There may be an extra step, like straining, blending, squeezing, but in the end its all worth it.

Currently my fridge is stocked. I have golden apple, grapefruit and passion fruit juice in my fridge. I know it’s a lot, but its also going to finish in a few days because it goes by fast. Thats what happens when you have a family.


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