A Scarf in August

I feel like we all buy things that we do not necessarily need. Either we buy it because its on sale, we want to add to our collection or we convince ourselves that there is a use for it one day. And don’t you lie to yourself. I know you’re guilty of it.

So tonight I messaged my mom “Would it be bad to buy a scarf?”

She tends to judge and shake her head at some of purchases I make and whats worse is that she is the one who always gets them at the door. So I kind of wanted to get her approval for once instead of surprising her with another purchase that I don’t necessarily need.

You might be thinking there is nothing wrong with buying a scarf. True. It’s a life saviour when its cold or you feel like dressing up. But here’s the thing.

  1. It’s the beginning of August (at least when I’m writing this and bought it). So there is no need for me to be buying a thick blanket scarf at this time of year. When its hot.
  2. I’m currently in the Caribbean (once again when I am writing this). Not in Canada. And there is absolutely no use for a scarf here seeing that its tropical 24.7

So I bought that scarf, which is something I keep on questioning myself about. Its just one of those random purchases. Basically, I ended up on Aritzia tonight, realized there was a sale. And one of the things on sale were their Wilfred scarfs. I already have one which I love and live in during parka season. So I bought another one, only because it was on sale.

I know I am going to use it, so I don’t regret buying it.

But do I need it? No.

I’m rarely the type of person who does impulse purchases, but this one happened. Oopsie.

PS. Her response was no.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

4 thoughts on “A Scarf in August

  1. It happens w/ all of us 😂
    I myself buy earrings wherever I go but I dont even wear earrings on daily basis.. I just love collecting them for no reason .. , lol 😂😂
    we are on the same page !

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