Its Okay to Cry

A girl crying with her hands on her eyes.

An hour ago, as I laid down writing in my journal, I started crying. And it made me realize that its completely okay to cry.

No one should judge you because you feel sad or make you feel old. Thing is, we are all humans. Its part of us to cry. It happens. The same way we talk and laugh, we can cry.

This year has been really hard for me. The past few months, there is at least one moment every single week, where I ended up crying. Whether that was because of a death, missing someone, being rejected, I cried. And I’m not embarrassed about it. I may not cry in front of others, but if I am in my room or all alone, I will cry. No one’s stopping me.

So if you want to cry, cry. Don’t let someone stop you. And don’t feel embarrassed about it.



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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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