From Enemies to Besties

It’s that time of year where I normally go see my dentist. I usually go in January and August for my semi-annual check-ups and cleaning.  She’s warned me over and over again that I am more prone to cavities so I need to be very careful, and this is why I take it seriously. I had a lot of work done almost 10 years ago because my teeth were in bad shape. Wow. Just realized how long its been.

Would you be surprised if I admitted that I am terrified of dentists and needles? That semi-annual check-up is not something I looked forward to. Well, until recently.

I went from crying and begging to not go, to now looking forward to the whole experience. Don’t worry, I just close my eyes the entire time till she tells me to wash my mouth.

I think its because my dentist and I, have become best friends. I started going to her when I was 4 years old and now I’m 22, so it’s been a very long relationship. A lot of growth and trust has happened. She’s seen me grow from a child, to a teen, now an adult. She thought I was 18 years old the last time I visited her and was surprised I was actually in my 20s. It does help that she knows I am terrified of needles. So I am dreading the time when I need to look for a new dentist, because I am not going to live there and she is not going to stay young forever.

Going there every 6 months feels like I’m going to catch up with an old friend for coffee. Telling them what’s been going on in my life lately and how I’m doing.

Would you believe even her receptionist knows me. Back in January, I didn’t have an appointment and really needed to get my cleaning done before I went back to Canada and they squeezed me in, early. Come on, they would not do that for just anyone.

Its interesting to see how we went from enemies to besties.


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