Monthly Memories – July 2019

Going to honest here, I got this idea from another blogger named Cass, from I recently discovered her blog, read quite a bit of entries, particularly her monthly recaps and felt inspired to something similar. I recommend checking out her website. And since July just ended, its perfect timing. So here goes.

  • Arristella launched.

I had been working on this blog for some time before it officially launched and I wanted the date that it launched to be special. So far I have loved the experience, do not regret it and have many posts coming up. My mind is constantly going and new ideas keep popping up, so I have a ton of things to talk about the next few weeks.

  • I turned 22 this month.

My birthday is July 25th, so cheers to all the Leos and July borns out there. I talked about how that day went here, so if you want to read about that you could. But if not, lets just say I really enjoyed the day. I kept it simple and hang out with family. And ate, lots and lots.

  • Defensive Driving Course Completed.

To renew my license, I needed to complete a Defensive Driving Course and I finally got it done. It was supposed to be done last year, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I could not do that. So got it done this month, which means I can finally renew my license, which I am planning to do tin August. Lets just say it involved waking up early, being at a 4 hour class on two different Saturdays with a whole bunch of strangers, where the teacher loved calling drivers stupid, ignorant and imbeciles. I don’t blame him though. I will admit that I learnt a lot and it was a good learning opportunity. Now all I need to do, is get my license and drive.

  • Booked my flight

I finally booked my flight back to Canada. I’ve been in the Caribbean for the past few weeks, and now that the flight is booked, this means vacation is coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet moment because although I love Canada, I love being here and do not want to leave just yet. I had been putting it off for a while, because my excuse was that I wanted the ticket price to do down. Unfortunately that did not happen and I had to pay more than I wanted to.

  • Got rejected from 2 internships

I have a post or two coming up talking about that experience. Just know that I am not upset. I think I benefitted more from the experience of getting the interviews and becoming confident doing them.

Sneak peak, I got a job offer from a company, and turns out 2 days later, that was a mistake.

  • Went to the beach

It was a nice relaxing experience. However, my dog who is tiny, think the size of a very fluffy cat, almost made us get attacked by 5 stray dogs. It was an experience and we have not been back ever since.

  • Got my hair straightened

I have stayed away from heat for 6 months which is the longest time as well, but decided to get my hair straightened for my birthday. Its been fun, but I’m starting to miss my curly hair.

  • Cuddle Buddy added me back on Snapchat

That I need to explain. There is this guy that I met off Tinder last year. All our plans to meet fell through because he has serious commitment issues. And as a joke, my friend and I started calling him “Cuddle Buddy”.

At the beginning of May he decided to delete me off Snapchat. I wish I had an answer for why that happened, but I don’t. And neither do I care. I just laughed it off. But I guess he remembered my username or something, because he added me back. I don’t know if it was worth it, because its not like we speak to each other.

  • Mental Health

This month has been a struggle for me mentally. I say that because my uncle past away at the beginning of June, and I’m still getting over it. Grief is not something that goes away magically. So that is why I have been depressed and sad the entire month. I stayed in bed, unless I have to go out. I barely made an effort to speak to people.  My anxiety was really bad, which ended up with me having an anxiety for the first time in months. Sometimes I stayed there and randomly start crying and could not stop. Its very hard to explain what went on to someone, unless you have been through it before.

I really hope you enjoyed this. Its a bit longer than I usually write, but my life is always interesting. I will try to get them up before the end of the month, but at the beginning is also fine.

In case you missed anything, this is what I posted throughout the month:


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