July Favourites – Part 2

A scene is about to be filmed

I posted Part 1 before this, so if you have not read it I suggest you also read it. I talked about my favourite songs that I listened to on repeat for the month.

In this one I’m going to mention what tv shows I watched. This month I binged watched a lot of tv shows. That included:

In the Dark (2019)

  • Summary: A young, blind woman tries to solve her friend’s murder.
  • There was only one season since it just aired a few months ago. There are only 13 episodes. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to admit that I watched the entire thing in about 2 days. Its funny, its good, I loved it. Its also unexpected which is why I want more.

Instant Hotel (2017) – Season 2

  • Summary: Think AirBnB owners judging each others place so that they could be the winning team.
  • I watched the first season a few months ago, and the new season came at the end of June on Netflix. It was okay. Not the best thing that I have ever seen in life, but I enjoy watching reality tv once in a while.

Vampire Diaries (2009) – Season 4, 5, and 6

  • Summary: Vampires and all things supernatural lie in a in a town called Mystic Falls.
  • I need to make the disclaimer that it is in now way related to Twilight. Please do not try to insult me.
  • I used to be obsessed with this show when it first aired. Then at the 100th episode, I just stopped watching it and never continued. And I missed it, and wanted to re-watch everything. And this is how I ended up watching 3 & 1/2 seasons. I’m currently in the middle of season 7.
  • I’m Team Damon. He’s my favourite character. Has always been.

Below Deck Mediterranean  – Season 4

  • Summary: it follows the lives of the crew on a luxory charter yacht in the Mediterranean.
  • Drama, drama and more drama. Also very funny at times.
  • This is one of the few tv shows that I watch as it airs. Its entertaining to watch and makes you see and possibly imagine how the rich people are able to vacation in places that you one day aspire to experience as well.

Good Trouble – Season 2

  • Summary: The lives of two young adults who moved to Los Angeles. One is a soon-to-be lawyer and the other is an engineer.
  • If you have watched the Fosters before, this is a spin off to that series. It is really, however, the characters can behave childish, which is not entertaining. You’re supposed to be young adults, but then you are not acting like young adults

This was mainly what I watched throughout the month, and some of it will continue into August. If that does not sound like a lot, trust me, it is. I’m one of those weird people who tracks how much they have watched on an app called TvTime, so I know how much I ended up watching. This month I watched a total of 124 episodes and spent 93 hours in front of the tv. Ouch!

Let me know what you watched this month and if there are any tv shows that I should try next.


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