The Best Birthday Gift Ever

A bunch of wrapped presents

Growing up, my birthday was the one time of the year that I always got presents. My family was not big on Christmas presents, though I got something here and there. But whenever it came to my birthday, I would always get a few things.

Being an only child, spoilt I may add, I got whatever I wanted. Whether it was electronics, board games, jewelry, books. Whatever I wanted, you name it, I got it. And the older I became, the more expensive it got.  My family was not rich, but they still tried their best to give it to me.

On my 18th birthday in 2015, I went to the zoo. That day, I was the happiest I could have ever been and I believed that nothing could ever come to close to that feeling. I’m not the type of person who is cheery and smiling all the time, but your ass I did that entire day. Because if you know me, you know whenever I hear animals I am in. I do not need anything else.

However, on Sunday 24th July 2016, everything changed. It was the day before my 19th birthday and I got the best birthday present ever.

And that was my puppy Chocolate. He turned out to be my best friend in the world. The one who captured my heart, who made me fall in love and smile every single day. He made me see the bright side of things and has helped me so much when I am down.

He was so small and energetic when I first got him. Think the size of a rat. I know its surreal. And from that day our bond just grew. Its been 3 years and its still growing.

 And believe it or not, I did not pay for him, adopt him, get him from a breeder or off the streets. I got him from my cousin whose dog had a litter of puppies. My cousin, K, took a puppy from his home and brought it too mine. Its as simple as that. Though I need to admit that although I did not pay to get him, what he needs; toys, leashes, shampoo, medication, the cost adds up.

Chocolate will always be the best gift I have ever received. And I don’t think that anything will ever come close to the joy that he has brought not only me but my family. And I am at this point in life where I fine. I do not need anything else. He has completed me.

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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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