Why Arristella?

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Over the past year, I have gotten into the habit of sharing journal entries with friends. To believe something  that I considered so personal and private to me, I was comfortable enough to share with other people. They were stories, memories, feelings. It was all laid out there. And the more that I did it, the more I became comfortable doing so. For someone as private as me, who sucks at expressing their emotions, that is a big step.

And this is what Arristella is all about. It is definitely not going to replace me writing in my journal every single night, because that’s my thing. Instead, its meant to be my other journal, this time online. With the exact same stories and messages that I write in my everyday journal. Its going to be a place where I share my feelings, thoughts, stories, experiences. Because who knows someone can relate or it might help someone. You know what, maybe absolutely no one will even read it and this is just a waste of my time and money. But the thing is I am not doing this for other people. I am doing it for myself.

If you want to know where the name Arristella came from. Its simple, I will tell you. My first name is Aaliah and my middle name is Chrystella. Now if you put the two of them together, do a little mix and match, you have Arristella. There is also a little bit of my second middle name influencing it, but you know what, that’s not really important.  The name Arristella means a lot to me and its kind of like my online persona being a private person.

I need to put this out. By no means am I a writer. Lets be real, I can barely write a 3-page  essay to save my life. But this entire blog, is my story. Its my thoughts, raw, unfiltered, personal. So you should expect me to talk about university, my personal life, mental heath and puppies obviously. If that is now for you, I’m sorry. At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone.

So stay tuned if you want to that is.

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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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